WORKINPROGRESS is an architectural practice based in Athens, Greece.
The practice was established in 2005, by architect Kyriakos Keoglou.
Kyriakos Keoglou, studied architecture at the NTUA, has collaborated in the past with architects Kourkoulas-Kokkinou and BLP and has had an extensive experience on the design and construction of commercial and exhibition spaces.
WORKINPROGRESS specializes in the design and architecture of commercial and residential spaces of distinct character. Parallel to the design and architecture, we also undertake the project development and supervision, in collaboration with specialized crews and contractors.
The design philosophy of WORKINPROGRESS is based on the principle of creating unique solutions for every project while remaining consistent to the main idea throughout its implementation, in combination with delivering works of outstanding quality and functionali
The practice has a permanent collaboration with the architect Christos Vlachos who specializes in the architectural design and construction of high-end holiday villas. During this period, they concentrate on the design of cave houses, which are constructed with natural materials and perfectly blend in with the natural environment. 
In addition, WORKINPROGRESS collaborates with experienced constructors like D. N. Nikolis, FLEXUS and NEW AGE DEVELOPMENT for the design and construction of certain private projects.

Team :
Katerina Kladi - Architect, Interior designer
Euagelia Kozanidi - Interior designer
Io Theofilou - Interior designer
Tasos Michantas - Architect
Georgios Fiorentinos - Architect
Stefanos Rammopoulos : 3d rendering