Architectural design, supervision and construction Christos Vlachos
Our office was participated on the design of the specific high quality holiday house. Constructed with local stone, combines the traditional techniques with a modern minimalist design. The house is organically linked to the natural landscape, allowing it to become part of the interior. The big sliding window frames  allows the sea view to all parts of the house.
Photos : Dimitris Poupalos

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The residence is built on a high inclination ground, with a mesmerizing view of the city of Athens on the west. Therefore, the  main objective was to maintain this view unobstructed from all levels of the residence. This decision led to the linear arrangement of the building, parallel to the length of the site.The building is composed of three prisms, placed on a differentiated (by colour) base. The first prism has a marble cladding and includes the living spaces of the house. The second prism overlaps the first, shading the western side of the first prism. The third prism ‘’embraces’’ the other two and establishes vertical connection between them.Furthermore, it becomes a boundary towards the neighbours, enhancing privacy.The material selection creates a feeling of warmth that balances out the austerity of the prisms. The colour palette of the materials has an earthly base. The materials are natural, mainly marble and wood.The external cladding is continued in the inside of the residence, creating an integral for each prism. This continuity is conspicuous from the outside of the building through the large windows and enhances the visual unification between the outside and the inside of the building.
Photos : George Fakaros

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Our office in a closed competition for the renovation of the specific byilding in collaboration with Free Architects ( The Hotel is placed in Glyfada, a South, seaside suburb of Athens. Glyfada appears a notably cosmopolitan character, as long as intense commercial and recreation uses. More specific, our building is located on an intersection of two roads, Lazaraki and Pandoras street. Lazaraki street is the busiest of the two, with intense mobility-traffic, surrounded by a couple of restaurants. On the other side, Pandoras street is a quiet residence area. This proposal's main objective is  to create a Design 5* Hotel, that operates as a landmark for the region. In addition to the accommodation, there are relax and recreation functions such as that of the restaurant, the spa and the pool bar that need to operate independently. Therefore, our aim is to solve the matter of privacy, that should be provided when needed, while permitting openness in communal spaces. The existing building is deconstructed, while only its structural elements are maintained. The distinct projection of the horizontal zones (slabs) of the building, lightens its volume, while implements the structure as a whole. The intention to create an environment where visitors can relax, rest and enjoy their privacy led us to design a second skin, which consists of vertical shades. Those shades compose a facade that becomes more dense where needed, in order to filter unwanted views and more sparse, to allow specific viewing towards the sea. The clear lines combined with high quality materials aim to create a space qualified with elegant and timeless luxury, that at the same time exhales a fresh, aesthetic experience. The proposed building consists of three horizontal zones, following a model of base-torso-crowning. The base, refers to a double height ground floor, where the public spaces are located, the torso is formed of four floors that accommodate the Hotel rooms and the crowning refers to a garden located in the highest end of the building that includes a roof-top bar and a more private pool and provides an unobstructed view to the sea.  
3d rendering: Free Architects   

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